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A list of /wdg/ personal projects

Inspired by an /adg/ project found here:

See the project homepage here:

How does work?

The crawler reads the /wdg/ threads for posts containing the specific syntax and then updates the DB with the info in the post.

Once the Scraper have found a new project, it updates the DB and re-generates the (static) website so that the website is constantly updated with the newest projects from /wdg/.

If you want your project featured on post comments with this syntax. Make sure the title is always the same, as it will be used to identify which project each post belongs to, so that you can see the progress on

:: my-project-title ::
dev:: anon
tools:: node, react, etc
progress:: This is the progress update text where you can write whatever you want. But keep it on one line for now, otherwise the content will be cut.

If you want to contribute

Look at the Issues and see if you want to help with any of those.

If you have any ideas you want to add, please open an issue and start developing away. Create a pull-request once you are done and it will hopefully be merged into the repo on the owner / maintainers discretion.

The two components in this monorepo

There are two components to run.

  1. The Crawler This program will go through the active /wdg/ threads and look for comments that follow the format specified in How does work? Then it will add the data from these comments to the Database
  2. The Frontend This is the website. It is fully static (no server side code) and built using Nextjs. When it is built, it gets all the data from the DB and creates the sub-pages for each project that have been fetched by the Crawler.



  • Install Golang >= 1.14
  • Install the Golang dependencies
     cd crawler/
     go get -u ./...
     #the -u parameter also updates any existing packages


Install Node, and Yarn or NPM:

cd frontend/
npm install
# or
yarn install

To run the Crawler

# in dir crawler/
go run main.go

The program will update the SQLite database database/wdgprojects.db

To run the Frontend

# in dir frontend/
npm run dev
# or 
yarn dev

You can now access the website here:









Will be built using a Nextjs as our static site generator. The deploy script is setup.

  • Static Site Generator
    • Nextjs - SSG with React
  • Hosted on GitHub Pages for free hosting

Need to get in touch through private channels?

Send me an email at

  • NOTE: it is a forwarding address, so I will reply from another email account