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@@ -26,7 +26,9 @@ using chained operator calls in JavaScript. We could
write this query:
var Query = require("rql/query").Query;
- new Query().eq("foo",3).forEach(...);
+ var fooEq3Query = new Query().eq("foo",3);
The RQL grammar is based around standard URI delimiters. The standard rules for
encoding strings with URL encoding (%xx) are observed. RQL also supersets FIQL.
@@ -77,11 +79,16 @@ we can do:
-Any property can be nested by using a dot syntax. To search by the bar property of
+Any property can be nested by using an array of properties. To search by the bar property of
the object in the foo property we can do:
+ (foo,bar)=3
+We can also use slashes as shorthand for arrays, so we could equivalently write the nested
+ foo/bar=3
Another common operator is sort. We can use the sort operator to sort by a specified property.
To sort by foo in ascending order:
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