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Error when nested property isn't there #15

benatkin opened this Issue · 3 comments

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I saw that nested properties are supported in the language and in js-array. Neat! This is probably not the desired behavior when it can't go deep enough, though:

> rql.query("", {}, [{"path":[1,2,3]},{"path":[9,3,7]}])
TypeError: Cannot read property 'cat' of undefined
    at Array.<anonymous> (eval at query (/Users/ben/.node_libraries/.npm/rql/0.2.2/package/lib/js-array.js:363:53))
    at Array.<anonymous> (/Users/ben/.node_libraries/.npm/rql/0.2.2/package/lib/js-array.js:91:25)
    at Array.<anonymous> (eval at query (/Users/ben/.node_libraries/.npm/rql/0.2.2/package/lib/js-array.js:363:53))
    at eval at query (/Users/ben/.node_libraries/.npm/rql/0.2.2/package/lib/js-array.js:363:53)
    at Object.query (/Users/ben/.node_libraries/.npm/rql/0.2.2/package/lib/js-array.js:364:18)
    at [object Context]:1:5
    at Interface.<anonymous> (repl:98:19)
    at Interface.emit (events:27:15)
    at Interface._ttyWrite (readline:295:12)
    at Interface.write (readline:132:30)

Pulled the new version, and it does indeed fix this issue!

> var rql = require('rql/js-array')
> var docs = [{'html':{'head':{'title':'Hello'}}}, {'html':{'head':{'title':'Ben'}}}, {'name': 'Ben', 'age': 28}]
> rql.query('html.head.title=Hello', {}, docs)
[ { html: { head: [Object] } } ]

Have it fixed your first example?!


Yes, it did. :)

> rql.query("", {}, [{"path":[1,2,3]},{"path":[9,3,7]}])


@deanlandolt deanlandolt referenced this issue from a commit in deanlandolt/rql
@dvv dvv fix to issue #15 plus test 21eca01
This issue was closed.
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