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Zenected Threat Defense VPN
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LICENSE Update Apr 5, 2017 Update Mar 29, 2017

Zenected Zenected Threat Defense VPN

Zenected is a cloud based security threat protection service. It’s delivered through a set of pre-configured services. Once a user connects to the Zenected, that user’s network traffic is filtered to keep the bad things out (e.g. phishing sites, malware). The only thing this a user has to configure on the endpoint device (be it a mobile device, a desktop or laptop or IoT device) is a VPN connection.

All services are updated every hour with a new set of threat indicators prepared by Perun Works.

Zenected is easy to manage. It uses a web front-end for administrators to manage your instance. An administrator user can:

  • manage Zenected users including adding more admin users
  • blacklist URLs or domain names that you don't want your users to access
  • whitelist URLs or domain names, that were identified as malicious but you still want your users to be able to get to them
  • review exception requests from users

If you are a Zenected end-user what you will like about it, is:

  • no need to install additional software on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop – Zenected uses standard OS features build-in into all modern systems
  • if you encounter a certain resource blocked by the system, you can request an exception. Each exception is then reviewed by an administrator.

For more info and resources visit:

Zenected code posted on GitHub is licensed under GNU General Public License ( More code will be posted in due course so please visit this pages regularly.


  1. Host running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. You can use the mini install (
  2. If you plan to run it at home, please make sure you have a routable IP address. If you are not sure about it, please ask you ISP for help.
  3. Make sure you open the following ports on your router: tcp 80 (webserver), tcp 443 (webserver - user admin and Zenected admin), udp 500 (VPN), udp 4500 (VPN)


It's fairly simple, but requires a few steps.

  1. Copy the into your future Zenected server to /opt folder.
  2. Make the file executable by: sudo chmod 750 /opt/
  3. Run it: sudo /opt/
  4. Relax for a few minutes. Now it's a good time to grab a coffee. The install will take a few minutes depending on your system specs.
  5. Once the script finishes, check if Zenected got installed by: dpkg -s zenected-aws
  6. If the zenected package is not installed, you can install it by: sudo apt-get install zenected-aws
  7. Once zenected is installed on your system, please configure it by running: sudo /opt/zenected/zenected_setup.zenx


Zenected uses a lot of great free software. Here is a list:

News and updates

For news and updates please follow us on:

Last but not least...

We are proud to be presented on BlackHat Asia 2017 Arsenal. Black Hat Arsenal

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