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Add/Remove hostnames from the /etc/hosts file


This script was created for simplifying the addition/removal of hostnames to the /etc/hosts file. It's particularly useful if you're developing a site locally and want that site to have a "handle" that is related to the project name.

For example if I'm developing a site that is for a widget maker that will use the domain I'll do:


Now I can enter on the address bar of the browser and it will show me the site that I'm developing.

It's particularly useful for working with Nginx, you just add the server_name directive to your vhost configuration (server context), like this:

server_name mywidgetmaker.local;  

If I want to add an IPv6 hostname I specify the optional argument -6:

add-etc-hosts -6 mywidgetmaker.local

Now there's an IPv6 loopback hostname. You can access your new IPv6 host.


  1. Clone the git repo or download it.

  2. Put the scripts in a directory included in your PATH or define aliases like this:

    alias add-etc-hosts='/path/to/add-etc-hosts'
    alias rm-etc-hosts='/path/to/rm-etc-hosts'

    Source the new aliases, if you have them in a ~/.bash_aliases file:

    . ~/.bash_aliases

    or something similar, depending on the name and location of the file where the aliases are defined.

  3. Install the manual pages man/add-etc-hosts.8 and man/rm-etc-hosts under the man/man8 section of your local documentation directory.

  4. Done.


Full documentation is on the manpage add-etc-hosts(8).

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