Does this work ok with Aegir? Chive? Other software? #70

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adrinux commented Nov 16, 2012

I use Aegir to host my drupal sites, and Aegir has it's own nginx conf. My question is how well your conf interacts. It seems like you've done a lot of tightening up vs the default nginx conf.
I want to run other sites (static html mostly) alongside aegir/drupal, so something entirely drupal specific might not work well.

I read an issue with people running other software (Piwik etc). And I'd like to install Chive, which leads to a variation on this question: how would you use your chive-nginx conf alongside drupal-with-nginx on the same server?

I suppose what I'm really asking is how Drupal specific is the core nginx.conf? Would commenting out Drupal related items leave a sane base nginx.conf?

Sorry if this is a bit waffly.


perusio commented Nov 16, 2012


You can use both configs side by side. It applies directly if you use different hosts. Example:

  1. for Chive.
  2. for Piwik.
  3. other hosts for the other sites.

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