A bunch of files with parameters for enabling a high performance web host
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High performace web server setup


This is a set of configuration files for the Linux kernel that allow to setup a high-performance web server and accompanying DB server.

It follows the debian setup where there's a directory /etc/sysctl.d where you place all your kernel configuration parameters files with names descriptive of which subsystem of the kernel it relates to.


  1. Clone the repo:

    git clone git://github.com/perusio/high-performance-web-kernel-parameters.git 
  2. Choose the configuration based on the type of role that your server will play web server or DB server.

  3. Copy from the directory webserver (for web servers) to /etc/sysctl.d.

    Copy from the directory dbserver (for DB servers) to /etc/sysctl.d

  4. Update the kernel config using:

    sysctl --system
  5. Done

Note that from now on, this configuation will be used for setting the kernel parameters at boot time.


Improve the documentation. Add Intel paper discussion for better understanding.