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What is this?

A fork of the LML2 Common Lisp Markup Language by Kevin Rosenberg that aims to fully support HTML5.

HTML5 Document type

The HTML5 document type is supported, i.e., <!DOCTYPE html>.

Supported elements

  • <article> :article
  • <aside> :aside
  • <audio> :audio
  • <canvas> :canvas
  • <figure> :figure
  • <figcaption> :figcaption
  • <footer> :footer
  • <header> :header
  • <hgroup> :hgroup
  • <mark> :mark
  • <nav> :nav
  • <ruby> :ruby
  • <rt> :rt
  • <rp> :rp
  • <section> :section
  • <source> :source
  • <time> :time
  • <video> :video

This fork was created from the Debian unstable cl-lml2 package.

Specifying HTML5 documents

To use the HTML5 document type give as first argument to html-file-page the following:

(html-file-page (<other args> :format :html5 <more args> )

Language specification

There’s also support for language specification, i.e., ISO code and writing direction. By default the language is en-US and the direction ltr (left-to-right). The language is specified as a keyword argument in the argument list to html-file-page.

For specifying european portuguese do:

(html-file-page (<filename> :format :html5 :language "pt-PT")

Note that this specification is valid for other document types also.

XHTML encoding

Besides supporting HTML5 this fork also supports specifying the encoding through the keyword argument :encoding to html-file-page.

To declare a XHTML 1.0 Strict document you would give:

(html-file-page (<other args> :format :xhtml-strict :encoding :utf-8 <more args>)

Debian Repository

I maintain a debian repository with this package built for debian testing or unstable.

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