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;;;; -*- Mode: Lisp; Syntax: ANSI-Common-Lisp; Base: 10 -*-
;;;; *************************************************************************
;;;; Name: utils.lisp
;;;; Purpose: General purpose utilities
;;;; Author: Kevin M. Rosenberg
;;;; Date Started: June 2002
;;;; $Id$
;;;; This file, part of LML2, is copyrighted and open-source software.
;;;; Rights of modification and redistribution are in the LICENSE file.
;;;; *************************************************************************
(in-package #:lml2)
(defun lml-quit (&optional (code 0))
"Function to exit the Lisp implementation."
(kmrcl:quit code))
(defun lml-cwd ()
"Returns the current working directory."
(defmacro fformat (stream control-string &rest args)
(if stream
`(funcall (formatter ,control-string) ,stream ,@args)
`(format nil ,control-string ,@args)))
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