A script in Lua to inspect a memcached instance
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Memcached Statistics in Lua


This is a very simple script that prints out the keys, size and expires dates of all items stored in a given memcached instance.

It connects directly to the server and sends a bunch of commands from the memcached protocol.

The Lua socket library is required.

On debian based systems you can get it with:

aptitude install liblua5.1-socket2

Installation & Usage

  1. Clone the repo:

    git clone git://github.com/perusio/memcached-inspect-keys.git
  2. Run the script to get the stats for a given instance:

    ./memcached-inspect-keys.lua 11212 

    This prints the keys, size and expire date of the items stored in the slabs allocated by the instance running on port 11212.

    Note that the default connection timeout for non local instances is 1 second. You can alter that by passing a third argument to the script like this:

    ./memcached-inspect-keys.lua 11212 0.01

    This sets a connect timeout of 100 ms.

    By default the stats are dumped for 100 items at most. If you need to get more items give the script a fourth argument, like this:

    ./memcached-inspect-keys.lua 11212 0.01 200

    This dumps 200 items from each slab.

    When called without any or all of the arguments the script uses the defaults, which are:

    • host: localhost

    • port: 11211

    • timeout: 10 ms

    • dump limit: 100 items.

Calling the script with -h or --help prints the usage instructions and the defaults:

./memcached-inspect-keys.lua -h                                                                            

Usage: ./memcached-inspect-keys.lua <host> <port> <timeout> [dump_limit]
host: localhost
port: 11211
timeout: 0.001000
dump_limit: 100