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Monit configuration files for miscellaneous services
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Monit configuration files


This is a bunch of monit configuration files for monitoring a variety of things.

Monitored services

  1. Courier
  2. Exim
  3. Memcached
  4. MySQL: the default setup uses UNIX sockets. It has also the support for TCP sockets commented out.
  5. Nginx
  6. php-cgi (FastCGI)
  7. php-fpm (FastCGI Process Manager) with UNIX domain sockets
  8. php-fpm (FastCGI Process Manager) with TCP sockets
  9. Postfix
  10. SSH
  11. thttpd

Web interface

The web interface is setup in the 000-global file. The current setup is the one I use my dev machine setup. This is a standalone firewalled machine.

If on the Internet then you **should** use a SSL setup for the web interface.


Copy the file(s) you’re interested to /etc/monit/conf.d. Start or restart monit. Note that I’m assuming a Debian like directory hierarchy. /etc -> /etc/monit/ -> /etc/monit/conf.d

The base configuration file /etc/monit/monitrc has as last statement the inclusion of all files in the conf.d subdirectory of /etc/monit.

There’s no tampering with the package installed monitrc. Instead all global settings are defined in a 000-global file that due to its name is the first to be included in monitrc therefore making all statements there affect all other configuration files.


All alerts are sent to root@localhost you should either/or define an alias/forward for root or alter the address in 000-global.

The mailserver is also localhost in port 25. Change it if necessary for your mail setup.

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