Munin plugin for monitoring PHP FastCGI Memory usage
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Munin plugin for PHP FastCGI Memory Usage


This is a simple plugin to show how much memory (virtual size as reported by ps) the PHP FastCGI processes are using. It reports also the number of processes. That value is specified as an environment variable to the php-cgi program PHP_FCGI_CHILDREN, usually set in the startup (init) script that launches the FastCGI daemon.

Although the number of processes is show in the graph, it’s more or less useless since the memory usage uses a 100s (MB) or 1000s scale (GB), hence dwarfing the processes value. Nevertheless the average, maximum and minimum values are shown below the graph, thus providing useful information. I don’t think that a separate graph makes much sense. After all, the value of PHP_FCGI_CHILDREN defines its upper limit.


Copy the php_fcgi file to the /etc/munin/plugins directory. Try it with munin-run php_fcgi. It should report the memory and number of processes.


Perl with the POSIX module.