A simple helper module for running Drupal 6 with a 0 rewrites Nginx config
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Nginx Fast Config


Nginx Fast Config is a Drupal 6 only module that disables the deslash setting of the globalredirect module. This setting causes a redirect loop with a 0 rewrites Nginx configuration. There's no need for this setting to be enabled — which is the default — since the way Nginx processes the requests removes the trailing slash.

The deslash setting in the globalredirect settings form at /admin/settings/globalredirect is removed from the form.


To use this module you must have the globalredirect module installed. After installing the module clear the cache. The preferred way of doing that is through drush, with drush cc all.

After that you're ready and set to go. There will appear a setting at the /admin/reports/status status page stating that it's safe to run the 0 rewrites configuration.

Drupal 7

There will never be a drupal 7 version of this module. The drupal 7 version of globalredirect doesn't provide this setting of removing the trailing slash. Since drupal already does that in request_path(). Therefore it's safe to use the Nginx Fast Config with drupal 7 in general. Of course Your Mileage May Vary.

Further developments

If there's any other module that causes problems with the 0 rewrites configuration please let me know in the github issue queue or here.