A script that downloads a Nginx source tarball verifiying its signature
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Shell Script for Safely Downloadind a New Nginx release


This is a small shell script that downloads a new Nginx release from the downloads page together with its GPG signature and verifies that the source is correctly signed.

Thus giving you some degree of confidence on the download sources.

You must always inspect the result of the signature verification yourself.

Installation and Usage

The Nginx tarball is stored and extracted in a directory defined by the value of the NGINX_PKG_SRC_DIR variable. The default value is $HOME/C/nginx. Set it to reflect your setup.

The script creates a tarball that follows Debian naming scheme for upstreams, i.e., nginx_<versions>.orig.tar.gz. For example nginx_1.1.8.orig.tar.gz. If you prefer othwerwise alter the NGINX_PKG_SRC_FILENAME variable.

The tarball is extracted as nginx-<version>. Example nginx-1.1.8.

Just put the script somewhere and invoke it like this:

nginx_get_src <nginx version>

For example, for downloading the 1.1.8 version and verify its signature do:

nginx_get_src 1.1.8

Note that if the signature verification fails the script exits with 1.