Nginx module for serving a file in slices (reverse byte-range)
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Nginx HTTP Slice module


This is a module that is distributed with tengine which is a distribution of Nginx that is used by the e-commerce/auction site This distribution contains some modules that are new on the Nginx scene. The ngx_http_slice_module module is one of them.

This module can be thought out as a reverse byte-range request header. It's main utility is to allow Nginx to slice a big file in small pieces (byte-ranges) while permitting to use on-the-fly gzip compression.

A typical example is for allowing someone to download a large video file while keeping the bandwith usage minimal. This might also be used as device for selling a video file by pieces where each link points to different zones of the file splitted by file ranges.

Other use would be to use a generic CSS file and use only part of it for each section of a site. Granted that byte-range slicing isn't the most intuitive for such.

Note also that using arguments is more useful than byte-ranges in the sense that they can be set in a normal link, while byte ranges require a special HTTP header.

New Repository

The new repo is at