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<a href="#EXAMPLES">EXAMPLES</a>
<a href="#FILES">FILES</a>
- <a href="#AUTHOR">AUTHOR</a>
<a href="#SEE-ALSO">SEE ALSO</a>
+ <a href="#COPYRIGHT">COPYRIGHT</a>
+ <a href="#AUTHOR">AUTHOR</a>
<ol class='man-decor man-head man head'>
<li class='tl'>nginx_ensite(8)</li>
- <li class='tc'>MANUAL</li>
+ <li class='tc'></li>
<li class='tr'>nginx_ensite(8)</li>
@@ -98,18 +100,24 @@ <h2 id="DESCRIPTION">DESCRIPTION</h2>
enabled, or to disable one which is already disabled.</p>
<p>The default site is handled specially: the resulting symlink will be
-called <code>000-default</code> in order to be loaded first.</p>
+called <code>000-default</code> in order to be listed first. Note that listing
+&mdash; as done by <code>ls</code> &mdash; orders the files
+lexicographically. Nginx loads the files by the OS provided order. To
+make sure a specific server configuration is loaded first specify the
+<code>default_server</code> parameter on the
+<a href=""><code>listen</code></a> directive of
+that server configuration.</p>
<p>Enable the default site:</p>
-<pre><code>nginx_ensite default
+<pre><code>nginx_ensite 000-default
<p>Disable the default site:</p>
-<pre><code>nginx_dissite default
+<pre><code>nginx_dissite 000-default
<p>Enable the site:</p>
@@ -125,20 +133,30 @@ <h2 id="FILES">FILES</h2>
<p><code>/etc/nginx/sites-enabled</code> <br />
Directory with links to the files in <code>sites-available</code> for enabled sites.</p>
-<h2 id="AUTHOR">AUTHOR</h2>
+<h2 id="SEE-ALSO">SEE ALSO</h2>
-<p>This manual page was written by Antonio Almeida &lt;>
-&mdash; based on the <code>a2ensite</code> manual page by Stefan Fritsch
-&lt;> for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution.</p>
+<p><a href="" class="man-ref">a2ensite<span class="s">(8)</span></a>, <a href="" class="man-ref">a2dissite<span class="s">(8)</span></a>, <a href="" class="man-ref">nginx<span class="s">(1)</span></a></p>
-<h2 id="SEE-ALSO">SEE ALSO</h2>
+<p>nginx_ensite is Copyright (C) 2010-2011 Antonio P. P. Almeida
+&lt;> under the terms of a MIT license.</p>
+<p>The latest version of nginx_ensite is available from:
+<a href="" data-bare-link="true"></a>.</p>
+<h2 id="AUTHOR">AUTHOR</h2>
-<p><span class="man-ref">a2ensite<span class="s">(8)</span></span>, <span class="man-ref">a2dissite<span class="s">(8)</span></span></p>
+<p>nginx_ensite was written by Antonio P. P. Almeida &lt;>
+that also wrote the manual page based on the <code>a2ensite</code> manual page by
+Stefan Fritsch &lt;> for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution.</p>
<ol class='man-decor man-foot man foot'>
<li class='tl'></li>
- <li class='tc'>July 2011</li>
+ <li class='tc'>August 2011</li>
<li class='tr'>nginx_ensite(8)</li>

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