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Peryan Logo

About Peryan

Sieve of Erathosthenes written in Peryan (enumerates prime numbers less than 1000)

var length = 1000

var table = [Bool](length, true)

table[0] = false
table[1] = false

repeat length
    if table[cnt] == false : continue

    var cnt_ = cnt
    var cur = cnt_ + cnt_

        cur += cnt_
        if !(cur < length) : break

        table[cur] = false

repeat length
    if table[cnt] : mes String(cnt)

Peryan is a programming language which has following goals:

  • Static typing and static compiling using LLVM
  • Modern language features including native OOP support
  • Compatibility with HSP

Peryan aims to be a highly useful language thourgh accomplishing these goals.

Compile the Language Processor

Peryan currently supports POSIX and Windows and the development is done on OSX and Windows 10.

The language processor is written in C++ only using STL, and requires LLVM 3.8 to compile. You have to install LLVM through your disribution's package manager (Linux) or brew install llvm (OSX).

make test

On Windows, it only support Visual C++ 2012. See build/win32 for detail.

Compile Peryan Program (POSIX)

cd build/unix
./bin/peryan --runtime-path . ../../test/integration/cases/ -o sieve

Syntax Overview

Function Definition

func thisIsFunction (arg1 :: Int, arg2 :: Double, arg3 :: String) :: Int {
    return 0

You can omit type declarations using type inference:

func myAbs (x) {
    if x > 0 {
        return x
    } else {
        return -x
mes String(myAbs(-1234))

Variable Definition

var thisIsVariable :: Int = 123

You can also omit type declarations as far as the type inference is possible.

var thisIsVariable = 123

Future Work

Peryan is on the early stage of the development and still has many important features unimplemented.

Following is features are planned to implement. The detailed document is also planned.

  • OOP
  • variant type
  • Pattern matching
  • Closure
  • Partial application
  • Guard
  • HSP compatible features
  • Runtime library
  • Coroutine

About the code of the language processor

The language processor's code is of bad quality and has many defects including never freed memory and segfaults. I would appreciate your advice to @peryaudo.


Peryan's code is under MIT License. See LICENSE. Google Test under test/unit/gtest/ is under new BSD liense. See test/unit/gtest/COPYING.


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  • Terence Parr "Language Implementation Patterns" 2011
  • Benjamin C. Pierce "Types and Programming Languages" 2013
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