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Python bot to automate listens on Spotify
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A Python-written bot that can generate automatic listens to a given playlist.
It now supports multi-account, multithreading and headless Chrome!


  • First, clone this repo on your local machine with
    $ git clone

  • Then, download the right chromedriver for your Chrome version from here and put it under the drivers subfolder

  • Create a list of Spotify profiles for this program to use and write it in data/profiles.json.
    "credentials": [
    {"username": "",
    "password": "first_password"},
    {"username": "",
    "password": "second_password"}
    {"username": "",
    "password": "third_password"}

  • Done! You can now simply run the bot with
    $ python3.6 [options]

Run options

These are optionals parameters, they are not mandatory to run the program.

  • --headless puts Chrome in headless mode, useful if you do not have a DE
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