Ant task to merge services from jar files
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SkateScout and pescuma Better difference if an file is in two different jars or duplicate in…
… one jar.

It create now an entry for 3 directories  META-INF/resources/ , META-INF/resources/WEB-INF/ , META-INF/resources/WEB-INF/tlds
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Ant task to merge services from jar files.


To use, first register the task:

<taskdef resource="org/pescuma/mergeservices/antlib.xml" classpath="lib/merge-services.jar" />

Then call it passing the jars to load the a folder to store the resuts:

<merge-services dest="${services.dir}">
	<fileset dir="build/dist">
		<include name="**/*.jar" />
		<exclude name="**/*-source.jar" />
		<exclude name="**/*-tests.jar" />
	<fileset dir="lib">
		<include name="**/*.jar" />
		<exclude name="**/*-source.jar" />