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A C++ programm which solves the discrete poisson equation with boundary condition
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This program solves the discrete poisson equation in the unit square in two dimensions.


1.) Download the source code

2.) Run the Makefile


1.) Execute ./poissonSolver program

2.) add three more command line arguments:

  • m: the parameter which specifies h = 1/m (you observer N = m - 1 grid points in x and y direction respectively)
  • x: the chosen algorithm (CG-Method, PCG-Method with incomplete LU decomposition, Jacobi-Method, Multigrid-Method)
  • k: the chose function -> default: laplace(u) = -4 in Omega and u(x) = x^2 + y^2 in the bound of Omega


1.) Please, visit and try the website!

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