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What is new since 4.4.4?


There is now a new automatic drive for your tests in Windows Registry called TestRegistry:\.


Learning about all the options Should has just got infinitely simpler. Just call Get-ShouldOperator to get list of all assertions. And Get-ShouldOperator -Name <name> to get info about one of them for example Be.


Until now you could only set your tests to incoclusive with Set-TestInconclusive, but now Set-TestInconclusive is deprecated, and replaced with Set-ItResult which allows you to set the result that you choose for example -Skip, and use -Because to describe why you chose to skip that test.

Detailed CodeCoverage

The code coverage got hugely more detailed, and it now even comes in format that allows you to use Code Gutters VSCode extension to see your code coverage directly in your editor.


  • Pass scripts as text, not just files
  • Optional session state debugging info
  • Fixed Set-Variable mocking to put variables into the correct scope
  • Improve Gherkin

More info and links to each issue change can be found in the changelog