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This is an early version of the new Open Dylan website.

It is built using Sphinx. All content is written using ReStructured Text with Sphinx extensions.


Before building this website, you will need a copy of Sphinx installed. The easiest way to do this is to get it from the Python Package Index or to use easy_install:

sudo easy_install -U Sphinx

You will also need html5lib installed so that the RSS feed generator can work:

sudo easy_install html5lib

You may also need python-dateutil. If so, make sure you install version 1.5 if you are using Python 2.x:

sudo easy_install python-dateutil==1.5


Building the website is easy on a system with make:


If you are on Windows, there is a make.bat as well. It currently requires that you run it with an argument:

make.bat html

The generated site will be in build/html.

Link Validation

Sphinx also makes it easy to check that all of the links to external sites are valid. You can run the link checker by:

make linkcheck

Site Maintenance

New Binary Release

  1. Update the appropriate info on the download page.
  2. Add a recent news entry. (See below for notes on that.)

New News Entry

  1. Create an article about it (even if very short) in the appropriate date hierarchy in source/news. The hierarchy should be year/month/day. This article must have 2 metadata fields in it:

    :Author: Hannes Mehnert
    :Date: 2001-08-11 09:00:00
  2. Add it to source/news/

  3. If there are too many entries in that file, move some to source/news/index.rst.

  4. Confirm that the site's main page and news page both look good / correct.