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package petablox.analyses.syntax;
import petablox.program.visitors.IExprVisitor;
import petablox.project.Petablox;
import petablox.project.analyses.ProgramRel;
import soot.SootClass;
import soot.SootMethod;
import soot.Unit;
import soot.Value;
import soot.jimple.UshrExpr;
@Petablox(name = "UshrExpr", sign = "EXPR0,EXPR1,EXPR2:EXPR0_EXPR1xEXPR2")
public class RelUshrExpr extends ProgramRel implements IExprVisitor {
public void visit(Unit q) { }
public void visit(SootMethod m) { }
public void visit(SootClass c) { }
public void visit(Value e) {
if (e instanceof UshrExpr) {
UshrExpr ue = (UshrExpr) e;
add(e, ue.getOp1(), ue.getOp2());
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