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v1.0.0 March 14 2017

NBench v1.0.0 represents support for .NET Standard 1.6 for the NBench core library and a .NET Core 1.0 version of the NBench runner.

This release introduces a breaking change to NBench:

  • NBench core library .NET Framework target increased from 4.5 -> 4.5.2. Client projects must target 4.5.2 or greater.

How to use the .NET Core NBench runner:

  • In your .NET Core performance test project, add the following dependency element to the .csproj file:

      <DotNetCliToolReference Include="NBench.Runner.DotNetCli" Version="1.0.0" />
  • Save the .csproj file (if using Visual Studio 2017) or run dotnet restore in the project location.

  • From a command prompt within the project's parent directory, run dotnet nbench project_name.dll arguments...

You can see the full list of changes in NBench 1.0.0 here

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