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ASP.NET Core + Akka.NET Integrated Template
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Update this readme file with your details.

Building this solution

To run the build script associated with this solution, execute the following:


c:\> build.cmd all

Linux / OS X

c:\> all

If you need any information on the supported commands, please execute the build.[cmd|sh] help command.

This build script is powered by FAKE; please see their API documentation should you need to make any changes to the build.fsx file.


The attached build script will automatically do the following based on the conventions of the project names added to this project:

  • Any project name ending with .Tests will automatically be treated as a XUnit2 project and will be included during the test stages of this build script;
  • Any project name ending with .Tests will automatically be treated as a NBench project and will be included during the test stages of this build script; and
  • Any project meeting neither of these conventions will be treated as a NuGet packaging target and its .nupkg file will automatically be placed in the bin\nuget folder upon running the build.[cmd|sh] all command.

DocFx for Documentation

This solution also supports DocFx for generating both API documentation and articles to describe the behavior, output, and usages of your project.

All of the relevant articles you wish to write should be added to the /docs/articles/ folder and any API documentation you might need will also appear there.

All of the documentation will be statically generated and the output will be placed in the /docs/_site/ folder.

Previewing Documentation

To preview the documentation for this project, execute the following command at the root of this folder:

C:\> serve-docs.cmd

This will use the built-in docfx.console binary that is installed as part of the NuGet restore process from executing any of the usual build.cmd or steps to preview the fully-rendered documentation. For best results, do this immediately after calling build.cmd buildRelease.

Release Notes, Version Numbers, Etc

This project will automatically populate its release notes in all of its modules via the entries written inside and will automatically update the versions of all assemblies and NuGet packages via the metadata included inside common.props.

If you add any new projects to the solution created with this template, be sure to add the following line to each one of them in order to ensure that you can take advantage of common.props for standardization purposes:

<Import Project="..\common.props" />

Code Signing via SignService

This project uses SignService to code-sign NuGet packages prior to publication. The build.cmd and scripts will automatically download the SignClient needed to execute code signing locally on the build agent, but it's still your responsibility to set up the SignService server per the instructions at the linked repository.

Once you've gone through the ropes of setting up a code-signing server, you'll need to set a few configuration options in your project in order to use the SignClient:

  • Add your Active Directory settings to appsettings.json and
  • Pass in your signature information to the signingName, signingDescription, and signingUrl values inside build.fsx.

Whenever you're ready to run code-signing on the NuGet packages published by build.fsx, execute the following command:

C:\> build.cmd nuget SignClientSecret={your secret} SignClientUser={your username}

This will invoke the SignClient and actually execute code signing against your .nupkg files prior to NuGet publication.

If one of these two values isn't provided, the code signing stage will skip itself and simply produce unsigned NuGet code packages.

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