A web application to visualize Petals ESB flows from log files.
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Petals :: Simple Flow Viewer

A web application to visualize Petals flows from log files.
These log files are those generated by Petals from the version 4.2.

This application was developed with Play 2.1.



Although Play! Framework uses SBT, this project has been configured to support a Maven build. This is because the Petals build entirely relies on Maven. This application is one project among many others and maintaining the build coherence was important.

This project uses the Play2 Maven plugin.


  • You need the Petals sub-project petals-log-parser-api. Hopefully, it should be available in the Central Maven repository. Otherwise, get it in the Petals SVN (under tools-common) and compile it with Maven (mvn clean install).

  • Clone this repository (as usual).

  • Install Play! Framework 2.x.


When using Maven with this project, do not forget to specify the Play! location. To define the PLAY2_HOME variable on Mac/Linux use:

export PLAY2_HOME=...
# or
mvn clean install -DPLAY2_HOME=...

To build the application, simply run:

mvn clean install

To compile and test only:

mvn test

To package the application without running the tests:

mvn package -DskipTests

To debug the application:

mvn play2:debug

Finally, to run the application:

mvn play2:run

Play! Development

  • Make sure you have compiled the project at least once, to get the Maven dependencies.
  • Open a terminal and start Play! with the play command.
  • Use Play! commands (e.g. run) and develop as usual.


This application is a prototype to illustrate Petals features related to MONIT log. These logs can be used for many things, including business monitoring, but not only.

The following things should be done or completed.

  • Internationalize the application.
  • Store the flow builder in the application context. Is this really useful?
  • Display dump files in the application.
  • Show a nice image on the index.
  • Show a meaningful image in the flow step pages.
  • Complete the help section.
  • Update the logo of the application.
  • Add some JS effects, in particular for errors and confirmation messages.
  • Add search features?
  • Update the log API to support incomplete or partial flows.
  • Write tests.