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GoNeedle is a system for establishing a reliable transport between peers over UDP,
while punching through NATs and firewalls.
+GoNeedle is intended to be simple and efficient. Thus, unlike libraries like
+libjingle, GoNeedle uses only one method for punching NATs. This is the most
+general method used in paractice: Two peers (using the help of a server for
+coordination) send UDP packets at each other until the firewall is punched.
+After successfull punching GoNeedle will (not implemented yet) establish
+reliable transport over UDP while using the DCCP protocol for congestion control
+and a simple erasure-check scheme for reliability (i.e. for detecting lost packets).
GoNeedle is currently in development/exeprimental stage. Do not install it if
are looking for something that works out of the box!
+# Status
+We have implemented the server and the punching procedure and we have made
+various tests confirming that it works well. The next stage is to implement
+the reliable transport over UDP layer. This is contingent on the completion
+of a separate project [GoDCCP]( that
+implements the pure DCCP protocol.
+We are looking for contributors!
# About
GoNeedle is written by [Petar Maymounkov](

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