An NGINX-alike HTTP reverse proxy in Go
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GoReverseProxy is an HTTP reverse proxy (similar to a simpler version of NGINX) whose primary purpose currently is to multiplex incoming HTTP requests to different backend servers according to virtual host, and to safeguard against malicious HTTP requests (GoReverseProxy will likely break before allowing a backend server to break).


  • Pipelining
  • Keepalive connections
  • Multiplexing by virtual hosts, specified in a config file
  • File-descriptor limiting
  • Connection timeouts


I am running GoReverseProxy in production (albeit a small production) in front of my blog Population Algorithms and it has been working fine. The blog requests are generally pretty heavy (since they pull in a lot of resource files and things). Keepalive and pipelining have been working correctly.

Nevertheless, it is still early to say that GoReverseProxy is truly production-ready.


To install, simply run

git clone git:// GoReverseProxy-git
cd GoReverseProxy-git
make install

There is an example config file in the subdirectory reverseproxy which is simple and self-explanatory in JSON format.


GoReverseProxy is maintained by Petar Maymounkov.