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Virtual Bookshelf

This is a simple visualisation of books on a bookshelf using some CSS transforms to give the effect of picking out the book when you hover over it.

I use it on my personal site to track what books I've read. It integrates nicely with static site generators, and well, just about anything since it's all vanilla JS, CSS and HTML.


How do I add more books?

A book is defined as follows:

<div class="book">
    <div class="side spine">
        <span class="spine-title"> Book Title </span>
        <span class="spine-author"> PG </span>
    <div class="side top"></div>
    <div class="side cover"></div>

Simply add this snippet for each book you want inside <div class="bookshelf">.

Why use JS at all?

I originally aimed for a no-JS implementation but there was no way of adding randomness to the book height, colours and patterns without it. You can of course remove the JS and implement that stuff manually.

Is this free to use?

Yep, do whatever you want with it.

If you found this project useful you can make use of the following badge to spread the word:
Using Virtual Bookshelf

Is it perfect?

Nope. Doesn't handle long titles well. I'm sure there are other alignment issues. I wrote this in a day, don't expect much. Feel free to submit fixes/improvements.