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Console app and Python API for harvesting email addresses of our ACS students during their first week of ACS lab coursework.

Instructions for teaching assistants

These steps should be performed with your every student group, at the very start of their first week in the ACS labs:

  1. Copy the examples/student-info.ini file into ispitni_materijaliA/.eXXXXX/ and ispitni_materijaliB/.eXXXXX/
  2. Ask the administrator to switch the lab to the "exam" mode (aka "provera")
  3. Wait for all of the students to login
  4. Instruct the students to:
    1. Locate the student-info.ini file in their $HOME/$STUDENT_ID directory
    2. Update the contents of the file with their own information
    3. Save the file and close the editor
    4. Logout
  5. Ask the administrator to collect the exam .tar archive and switch the lab to the "normal" mode

Please send your collected exam archives to your professors as soon as you can.


To install acs_student_mail_harvester run:

$ pip install acs_student_mail_harvester

Console app usage

Quick start:

$ acs_student_mail_harvester students.csv --tar-path=examples/

Show help:

$ acs_student_mail_harvester --help

Python API usage

Quick start:

>>> from acs_student_mail_harvester import get_student_info, store_results_to
>>> student_info = get_student_info('examples/')
>>> store_results_to('students.csv', student_info)


If you find any bugs, or wish to propose new features please let us know.

If you'd like to contribute, simply fork the repository, commit your changes and send a pull request. Make sure you add yourself to AUTHORS.


Console app and Python API for harvesting email addresses of our ACS students







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