A mighty desktop editor app for Java ResourceBundle files
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ResIDE Build Status

Residé Himself

A mighty desktop editor app for Java-ResourceBundle files.

ResIDE App Screenshot

Eh, what?

ResIDE is an app that allows for editing or creating new PropertyResourceBundle files that are normally used to localize Java applications. Those are simply key/value text files that may also be viewed in an text editor or in an IDE, which brings us to the next question.


IDEs like IntelliJ already provide mature and reliable resource bundles editor UI, so this tool does not offer anything new for developers. However, it is not just developers that need to edit and maintain locale-specific data. Other members on your team that do not have or need access to an IDE may benefit from using this app.

Here's an outline of what ResIDE can do:

  • Edit all available bundle locale files simultaneously.
  • Add new locales to existing bundles.
  • Search in all labels and/or content across all loaded bundles.
  • Filtering. Show only labels for which a translation is missing.
  • Support for saving the bundles as either utf8 or latin1 encoded. Choosing the latter will automatically escape all ucs2 characters, .e.g, \u00e4.
  • Select whether to use LF, CRLF or html <br> for new lines in translations.
  • Export everything to a JSON file.


To install dependencies run:

yarn install

To run a dev build:

yarn start

To run a release preview:

yarn demo


midpoints GmbH


MIT License

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