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Small Linux script to (re)deploy Daggerfall Unity and the mods I use
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This script can be used to automate the installation of Daggerfall Unity, and lots of mods. I use it daily for my own testing needs.


The script depends on the following external archivers:

  • unzip
  • unrar
  • 7z


Put the script in some directory where it will be easy to run; If necessary make it executable (chmod +x deploy_DFU).


  • Copy sample.deploy_DFUrc as ~/.deploy_DFUrc before editing it with your favorite text editor;

  • Modify the directory where deploy_DFU will find all the installation archives; Since there's no generic way to download all the mods, you will have to download all the archives on your own.

  • Select the options you want, for example change =N to =Y after the mods you want to install.


When this is done, run

$ deploy_DFU <target_directory>

"target directory" should be either a directory that doesn't exist yet, or a previous installation done by deploy_DFU, in which case the installation will be replaced.

If no issues are detected (missing archivers, missing or incorrect configuration file, missing archives,...) this should start installing Daggerfall Unity and the mods you selected:

Remark: deploy_DFU does not currently backup mod settings.


You can have several configuration files, for example for testing purposes. All you need to do is call deploy_DFU like:

$ deploy_DFU -f <config file> <target directory>
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