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Usage: ack [OPTION]... PATTERN [FILES]
The following is the list of filetypes supported by ack. You can
specify a file type with the --type=TYPE format, or the --TYPE
format. For example, both --type=perl and --perl work.
Note that some extensions may appear in multiple types. For example,
.pod files are both Perl and Parrot.
--[no]asm .s .S
--[no]binary Binary files, as defined by Perl's -B op (default: off)
--[no]cc .c .h
--[no]cpp .cpp .m .h .C .H
--[no]csharp .cs
--[no]css .css
--[no]elisp .el
--[no]haskell .hs .lhs
--[no]html .htm .html .shtml
--[no]java .java
--[no]js .js
--[no]lisp .lisp
--[no]mason .mas
--[no]ocaml .ml .mli
--[no]parrot .pir .pasm .pmc .ops .pod .pg .tg
--[no]perl .pl .pm .pod .tt .ttml .t
--[no]php .php .phpt .htm .html
--[no]python .py
--[no]ruby .rb .rhtml .rjs
--[no]scheme .scm
--[no]shell .sh .bash .csh .ksh .zsh
--[no]sql .sql .ctl
--[no]tex .tex
--[no]tt .tt .tt2
--[no]vim .vim
--[no]xml .xml .dtd .xslt
--[no]yaml .yaml .yml
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