Add no-ignore-case option #182

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dtb commented Aug 25, 2011

I would like a --no-ignore-case option that overrides --ignore-case. Use case: I almost always want to ignore case differences, so my .ackrc has -i set. Occasionally though, I want to search case sensitive. Currently, my only option is to edit my .ackrc.

There are other options like this (e.g., --nopager), so it seems reasonable.

If I ever become less lazy, I'll probably send a pull request.


Yes, we should definitely have --no-ignore-case.

Also, have you looked at --smart-case? There is a --no-smart-case option, because I have to use it sometimes because I have --smart-case in my ~/.ackrc.

hoelzro commented Aug 28, 2013

Mentioned in corresponding ack2 issue.

@hoelzro hoelzro closed this Aug 28, 2013
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