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Do we need an option for forcing the printing of the line number? #196

hoelzro opened this Issue Jan 12, 2013 · 10 comments
hoelzro commented Jan 12, 2013

-H forces the printing of the filename (which implies printing of the line number), and grep has -n to print the line numbers only. Do we need an equivalent to grep's -n?


I'd quite like this one. Or detault to numbering and switch off with --no-number
The current default confuses me.

ztheory commented Oct 7, 2013

+1. This is a really useful feature.


+1 This would be a useful improvement to an already great project.

girvo commented Nov 3, 2014

+1 this would be super useful

Mouq commented Nov 29, 2014



+1 currently I tack /dev/null on to the input files to force numbers but that's very inelegant.


You can just use -H on 1 or more files to show the line numbers (with filename).
It would be easier to add -H to your .ackrc file as well.

xealits commented Feb 26, 2015

+1 I would like to have separate option for numbering the lines.
The filename in the workaround (-H, --with-filenames options) could be a nuisance when running some pipeline..


👍 this.



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