Add a WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW section to the top of the man page #201

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We need a crash course in ack at the top of the man page. This should include:

  • ack is intended for searching large trees of source code.
  • ack does smart things for you, so let it
  • Don't specify filenames on the command line unless you have specific files to mention. ack foo * is an anti-pattern.
  • ack searches all text files by default, but as soon as you specify a file type, then file types rule the selection process.
  • ack uses actual Perl regular expressions, not PCRE
  • ack has many command-line switches that are the same as grep's, but they are not compatible.
  • ack includes advanced facilities for only searching files that match a particular pattern (ex. --perl) Let ack do the work for you!
  • ack may be customized by putting options in an ackrc file.
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