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Revision history HTML::Lint and Test::HTML::Lint.
NOTE: All bugs and requests are now being handled through GitHub.
DO NOT send bug reports to or
2.11_01 Thu Mar 29 15:46:59 CDT 2012
Added check for unknown entities (&foo;) and unclosed entitities
(&amp with a semicolon).
Added a check for a bare ampersand that should be written as &
2.10 Tue Dec 6 11:16:16 CST 2011
Tags that were self-closed were being ignored. For example, if you had
<img src="blah.jpg" />
then HTML::Lint would ignore the tag. This has been fixed.
HTML::Lint is now explicitly licensed under Artistic License 2.0,
instead of the vague "same terms as Perl itself."
2.06 Thu Dec 18 00:07:54 CST 2008
Added attributes to <frameset>.
<strong> tag didn't allow any attributes. Now it does.
Removed the <listing> tag.
2.04 Mon Jun 2 11:41:16 CDT 2008
<textarea> now knows about the wrap attribute.
Lots of enhancements pointed out by Perl::Critic.
2.02 Thu Nov 3 11:49:18 CST 2005
* The warnings for missing ALT and HEIGHT/WIDTH on your images
now give the SRC attribute.
2.00 Tue Sep 20 23:10:39 CDT 2005
* I've changed the object structure. HTML::Lint now has-a
HTML::Parser, and no longer is-a HTML::Parser.
* weblint-cgi and weblint-original are no longer distributed
with HTML::Lint.
* Now requires Perl 5.6.0.
* Line numbering is now correct if you parse more than one file.
* Changed t/*.*.t so that they only had one period in the
filename. Apparently VMS doesn't like filenames with multiple
I've thrown away previous history because really, nobody cares
what changed in this module prior to 2005.
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