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rebuilt with smarter ctags

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commit f56e8ecfb6281d8573fd3fbc678a038321a5fd73 1 parent 878882e
@petdance authored
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19 tags
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
!_TAG_PROGRAM_AUTHOR Darren Hiebert /
!_TAG_PROGRAM_NAME Exuberant Ctags //
!_TAG_PROGRAM_URL /official site/
FLUFF lib/HTML/Lint/ /^use constant FLUFF => 3;$/;" c
@@ -13,9 +13,6 @@ HTML::Lint lib/HTML/ /^package HTML::Lint;$/;" p
HTML::Lint::Error lib/HTML/Lint/ /^package HTML::Lint::Error;$/;" p
HTML::Lint::HTML4 lib/HTML/Lint/ /^package HTML::Lint::HTML4;$/;" p
HTML::Lint::Parser lib/HTML/ /^package HTML::Lint::Parser;$/;" p
-MY Makefile.PL /^sub MY::postamble {$/;" s
-NOTE Makefile.PL /^NOTE: It seems that you don't have LWP::Simple installed.$/;" l
-Repository Makefile.PL /^ Repository: http:\/\/\/p\/html-lint\/source$/;" l
STRUCTURE lib/HTML/Lint/ /^use constant STRUCTURE => 1;$/;" c
TODO t/10-test-html-lint.t /^TODO: { # undef should fail$/;" l
Test::HTML::Lint lib/Test/HTML/ /^package Test::HTML::Lint;$/;" p
@@ -35,39 +32,25 @@ _start_document lib/HTML/ /^sub _start_document {$/;" s
_start_img lib/HTML/ /^sub _start_img {$/;" s
_text lib/HTML/ /^sub _text {$/;" s
as_string lib/HTML/Lint/ /^sub as_string {$/;" s
-bugtracker Makefile.PL /^ bugtracker: http:\/\/\/p\/html-lint\/issues\/list$/;" l
checkit t/ /^sub checkit {$/;" s
clear_errors lib/HTML/ /^sub clear_errors {$/;" s
column lib/HTML/Lint/ /^sub column { my $self = shift; return $self->{_column} || '' }$/;" s
-critic Makefile.PL /^critic:$/;" l
-dprof Makefile.PL /^dprof: all$/;" l
-dproflb Makefile.PL /^dproflb: all$/;" l
eof lib/HTML/ /^sub eof {$/;" s
errcode lib/HTML/Lint/ /^sub errcode { my $self = shift; return $self->{_errcode} || '' }$/;" s
errors lib/HTML/ /^sub errors {$/;" s
errtext lib/HTML/Lint/ /^sub errtext { my $self = shift; return $self->{_errtext} || '' }$/;" s
-fastprof Makefile.PL /^fastprof: all$/;" l
file lib/HTML/Lint/ /^sub file { my $self = shift; return $self->{_file} || '' }$/;" s
get_paragraphed_files t/ /^sub get_paragraphed_files {$/;" s
gripe lib/HTML/ /^sub gripe {$/;" s
-homepage Makefile.PL /^ homepage: http:\/\/\/dist\/html-lint$/;" l
html_ok lib/Test/HTML/ /^sub html_ok {$/;" s
import lib/Test/HTML/ /^sub import {$/;" s
is_type lib/HTML/Lint/ /^sub is_type {$/;" s
-license Makefile.PL /^ license: http:\/\/\/licenses\/$/;" l
line lib/HTML/Lint/ /^sub line { my $self = shift; return $self->{_line} || '' }$/;" s
new lib/HTML/ /^sub new {$/;" s
new lib/HTML/Lint/ /^sub new {$/;" s
newfile lib/HTML/ /^sub newfile {$/;" s
-nytprof Makefile.PL /^nytprof: all$/;" l
only_types lib/HTML/ /^sub only_types {$/;" s
parse lib/HTML/ /^sub parse {$/;" s
parse_file lib/HTML/ /^sub parse_file {$/;" s
-profile Makefile.PL /^profile: all$/;" l
-profiler Makefile.PL /^profiler: all$/;" l
-resources Makefile.PL /^resources:$/;" l
-smallprof Makefile.PL /^smallprof: all$/;" l
-tags Makefile.PL /^tags:$/;" l
-timed Makefile.PL /^timed: all$/;" l
type lib/HTML/Lint/ /^sub type { my $self = shift; return $self->{_type} || '' }$/;" s
where lib/HTML/Lint/ /^sub where {$/;" s
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