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HTML::Tidy is an HTML checker in a handy dandy object. It's meant as a companion to HTML::Lint, which is written in Perl but is not nearly as capable as HTML::Tidy.


HTML::Tidy does very little work. The real work of HTML::Tidy is done by the tidyp library, which is written in C. To use HTML::Tidy, you must install tidyp.

There are two, perhaps three, ways to install tidyp:

  • Get a tarball from the tidyp source distributions from Github and and build it like any other C library. Note that you must get a source tarball, not just clone the source tree via github.

  • Install the Alien::Tidyp Perl module, which automates the tidyp installation process.

  • Your operating system may also have a package for tidyp that you can install. As of this writing, these operating systems are known to provide tidyp library:

You need only do one of these steps.


Once you have libtidyp installed via one of the previous methods, install HTML::Tidy like any standard Perl module.

perl Makefile.PL
make test
make install


Copyright (C) 2004-2017 by Andy Lester

This library is free software. It may be redistributed and modified under the Artistic License v2.0.