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HTML::Tidy is an HTML checker in a handy dandy object. It's meant as a replacement for HTML::Lint, which is written in Perl but is not nearly as capable as HTML::Tidy.


HTML::Tidy does very little work. The real work of HTML::Tidy is done by the tidyp library, which is written in C. To use HTML::Tidy, you must install tidyp.

There are two, perhaps three, ways to install tidyp:

  • Get a tarball from the tidyp source distributions from Github and and build it like any other C library. Note that you must get a source tarball, not just clone the source tree via github.

  • Install the Alien::Tidyp Perl module, which automates the tidyp installation process.

  • Your operating system may also have a package for tidyp that you can install. I am not aware of any packages at this writing, but they could still exist without me knowing.

You need only do one of these steps.


Once you have libtidyp installed via one of the previous methods, install HTML::Tidy like any standard Perl module.

perl Makefile.PL
make test
make install


Copyright (C) 2004-2010 by Andy Lester

This library is free software. It may be redistributed and modified under the Artistic License v2.0.