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package App::HWD;
use warnings;
use strict;
use App::HWD::Task;
use App::HWD::Work;
=head1 NAME
App::HWD - How We Doin', the task tracking tool
=head1 VERSION
Version 0.10
our $VERSION = '0.10';
This module is nothing more than a place-holder for the version info and the TODO list.
=head1 TODO
=over 4
=item * Better documentation
=item * Samples so that prospective users can see what it will do.
=item * Tutorial showing different commands and output
=item * Add support for HWDFILE environment variable so those of us who
are only ever using one file don't have to keep retyping the name all
the time.
=item * Make sure a rollup task has no hours, and that any task with no
hours has tasks below it.
=item * Add support for changing estimates on a task
=item * Open tasks are doubling up if two people have it open.
=item * Show task history
=item * Show tasks that are too big.
=item * Show tasks that have gone over
=item * Weekly burndown
The C<--burndown> flag gives totals as they happen. I want them to give
a Monday-morning total since I like to plot weekly, not daily.
These functions are used by F<hwd>, but are kept here so I can easily
test them.
=head2 get_tasks_and_work( @tasks )
Reads tasks and work, and applies the work to the tasks.
Returns references to C<@tasks>, C<@work> and C<%tasks_by_id>.
sub get_tasks_and_work {
my @tasks;
my @work;
my %tasks_by_id;
my @parents;
my $curr_task;
my $lineno = 0;
for my $line ( @_ ) {
chomp $line;
next if $line =~ /^\s*#/;
next if $line !~ /./;
if ( $line =~ /^(-+)/ ) {
my $level = length $1;
my $parent;
if ( $level > 1 ) {
$parent = $parents[ $level - 1 ]
or die "Line $lineno has no parent: $line\n";
my $task = App::HWD::Task->parse( $line, $parent );
die "Can't parse line $lineno: $line\n" unless $task;
if ( $task->id ) {
if ( $tasks_by_id{ $task->id } ) {
die "Dupe task ID on line $lineno: Task ", $task->id, "\n";
$tasks_by_id{ $task->id } = $task;
push( @tasks, $task );
$curr_task = $task;
$parent->add_child( $task ) if $parent;
@parents = @parents[0..$level-1]; # Clear any sub-parents
$parents[ $level ] = $task; # Set the new one
elsif ( $line =~ /^\s+/ ) {
$curr_task->add_notes( $line );
else {
my $work = App::HWD::Work->parse( $line );
push( @work, $work );
} # while
for my $work ( @work ) {
my $task = $tasks_by_id{ $work->task }
or die "No task ID ", $work->task, "\n";
$task->add_work( $work );
$_->sort_work() for @tasks;
return( \@tasks, \@work, \%tasks_by_id );
=head1 AUTHOR
Andy Lester, C<< <andy at> >>
=head1 BUGS
Please report any bugs or feature requests to
C<bug-app-hwd at>, or through the web interface at
I will be notified, and then you'll automatically be notified of progress on
your bug as I make changes.
Thanks to
Neil Watkiss
and Luke Closs for features and patches.
Copyright 2005 Andy Lester, all rights reserved.
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
under the same terms as Perl itself.
1; # End of App::HWD
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