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Revision history for App-HWD
0.14 Thu Feb 9 17:03:15 CST 2006
* NO NEW FEATURES: Put out to get new package name in CPAN.
* Removed use of Date::Manip
* Added more docs to explain file format.
Last release as App-HWD
0.12 Dec 08 2005
* Now word-wraps the output based on the terminal size, or
at 72 if output is being redirected. This may be overridden
with --wrap.
* Now includes notes in the output. Can be turned off with --nonotes.
* Added checks to make sure that tasks with estimates do not have children.
* get_tasks_and_work() now returns an error array, rather
than dying.
0.10 Mon Oct 24 17:38:00 CDT 2005
* Added top-level totaling on the main dump.
* --todo now respects subtasks and their doneness.
* Added --csv option for printing dumps in an importable form
* You can now have notes in a task. Anything that is indented
is assumed to be part of the notes for the task above it.
* Added parent()/children() to App::HWD::Task to support the
hierarchy reporting.
0.08 Tue Aug 30 16:43:54 CDT 2005
* Dates must now be in YYYY-MM-DD format.
* Added --todo option to show only those items needing to be done.
* Now handles fractional estimates.
* Now handles deletion dates. We don't DO anything with them,
but they're legal, and burndown ignores them.
* Franctional estimates and velocities in the main listing now
show as "+" rather than the decimals. For example, "12"
shows as "12", but "12.5" shows as "12+".
* No longer double-counts tasks worked on by multiple people
in --started.
* Doesn't print a total when a --started person is specified.
0.07_01 Wed Aug 17 15:03:12 CDT 2005
* Previously, a task that was added after coding started was
noted like this:
--Implement widget (#251, 4hrs, @11/7/05)
Now, we use the word "added" instead of "@"
--Implement widget (#251, 4hrs, added 11/7/05)
* Added whitespace to --started output.
* Gives total points open on --started.
* Fixed potentially destructive bug in a test file:
unlink($started, qr#Chimp is working on.+ 107 - Refactor \(1/1\)#s);
That "unlink" is, of course, supposed to be "unlike". OOPS!
* Removed code for handling --detail_level
* bin/hwd now has no globals.
* Added many items to TODO list.
0.06 Sun Aug 14 21:52:55 CDT 2005
* Added a vim syntax file in etc/hwd.vim.
* Added --burndown and starting on the burndown graphic.
Thanks to Neil & Luke again.
* Added a $task->date_added()
0.04 Tue Aug 2 15:47:23 CDT 2005
* Added --started feature. Thanks to Neil Watkiss and Luke
Closs from Sophos.
0.02 Mon Aug 1 14:32:29 PDT 2005
* Fixes silly syntax bummers.
* Added --nextid
First version, released on an unsuspecting world.
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