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Revision history for hwd
* Remove out non-functioning burndown/burnchart code
(Ask Bjoern Hansen)
0.21_01 Mon May 29 14:43:33 PDT 2006
* Added support for assignees for tasks.
0.20 Wed Mar 1 20:30:52 CST 2006
* Allows times for tasks and work to be expressed in minutes.
"2h" is the same as "120m".
* Added column headings to default output
* Task indent level may now be done with asterisks as well as
dashes, and the indent level may have whitespace following it.
The following are all valid:
-Level 1 the old way
--Level 2 the old way
--- Level 3 with whitespace
***Level 3 the new way
**** Level 4 the new way with whitespace
--**IMPORTANT** (Level 2, task name "**IMPORTANT**")
0.18 Tue Feb 21 15:09:29 PST 2006
* Better reporting of where errors are found. Now tells the line
number and filename of the file where the error is found.
* Added new flags: --strict, --nostrict
By default, C<--strict> is on and hwd will not print output if
there are errors in the input. You can use the C<--nostrict>
for when you're getting your first schedule pulled together
and don't mind the errors and the inaccuracies they cause,
in the name of seeing some output.
0.16 Mon Feb 13 18:55:49 CST 2006
* Work on tasks may now refer to the most recent task with a
task number of "^". This means you can do tracking without
having to have task numbers.
* Much more documentation on the file format. See "hwd --man".
0.14 Thu Feb 9 17:03:15 CST 2006
* NO NEW FEATURES: Put out to get new package name in CPAN.
* Removed use of Date::Manip
* Added more docs to explain file format.
Last release as App-HWD
0.12 Dec 08 2005
* Now word-wraps the output based on the terminal size, or
at 72 if output is being redirected. This may be overridden
with --wrap.
* Now includes notes in the output. Can be turned off with --nonotes.
* Added checks to make sure that tasks with estimates do not have children.
* get_tasks_and_work() now returns an error array, rather
than dying.
0.10 Mon Oct 24 17:38:00 CDT 2005
* Added top-level totaling on the main dump.
* --todo now respects subtasks and their doneness.
* Added --csv option for printing dumps in an importable form
* You can now have notes in a task. Anything that is indented
is assumed to be part of the notes for the task above it.
* Added parent()/children() to App::HWD::Task to support the
hierarchy reporting.
0.08 Tue Aug 30 16:43:54 CDT 2005
* Dates must now be in YYYY-MM-DD format.
* Added --todo option to show only those items needing to be done.
* Now handles fractional estimates.
* Now handles deletion dates. We don't DO anything with them,
but they're legal, and burndown ignores them.
* Franctional estimates and velocities in the main listing now
show as "+" rather than the decimals. For example, "12"
shows as "12", but "12.5" shows as "12+".
* No longer double-counts tasks worked on by multiple people
in --started.
* Doesn't print a total when a --started person is specified.
0.07_01 Wed Aug 17 15:03:12 CDT 2005
* Previously, a task that was added after coding started was
noted like this:
--Implement widget (#251, 4hrs, @11/7/05)
Now, we use the word "added" instead of "@"
--Implement widget (#251, 4hrs, added 11/7/05)
* Added whitespace to --started output.
* Gives total points open on --started.
* Fixed potentially destructive bug in a test file:
unlink($started, qr#Chimp is working on.+ 107 - Refactor \(1/1\)#s);
That "unlink" is, of course, supposed to be "unlike". OOPS!
* Removed code for handling --detail_level
* bin/hwd now has no globals.
* Added many items to TODO list.
0.06 Sun Aug 14 21:52:55 CDT 2005
* Added a vim syntax file in etc/hwd.vim.
* Added --burndown and starting on the burndown graphic.
Thanks to Neil & Luke again.
* Added a $task->date_added()
0.04 Tue Aug 2 15:47:23 CDT 2005
* Added --started feature. Thanks to Neil Watkiss and Luke
Closs from Sophos.
0.02 Mon Aug 1 14:32:29 PDT 2005
* Fixes silly syntax bummers.
* Added --nextid
First version, released on an unsuspecting world.