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  • "Someone has too much time on his hands."

    • "This guy spent his time in a way different than I would, and I think it's stupid", which is insulting enough, but then you go ahead and show everyone, so it's really not so stupid, is it?
    • "I am very uncomfortable with your willingness to express your love for something so extensively and in public, so I will pretend that doing this is a waste of resources even though they were not mine to allocate."
  • "I'm just saying."

    • "I know how I just treated you was inexcusable but I'm going to pretend there was nothing wrong with it."
  • "Just being honest"

    • "I'm a jerk and I don't care, but I am irritated you've pointed it out."
  • "No offense, but..."

    • "I'm specifically planning to be offensive and will be upset if you call me on it."
  • "Um, no..."

    • "I shall talk down to you now because you are incorrect and I am obviously far more intelligent."
  • "Oh, please."

    • "You are unintelligent because you didn't see something I think is obvious."
  • "RTFM"

    • Prententious is not productive.
  • "butthurt"

    • "I am not only condescending but want to use a homophobic expression because I'm just not being offensive enough without it."
  • "politically correct"

    • "I can't be bothered to check if I'm being offensive, and I'm going to blame you for noticing I was."
  • "sugar-coating the truth"

    • "You're not being as much of a dick about this as I would be."
  • "well, actually"

  • "coddled"

    • "Treated with basic human respect"
  • "Lighten up"

    • "Your feelings are silly and I don't care to deal with them."
    • "You are completely justified in being offended and I know it, so I will pretend it was humor and act like you're a killjoy so it's your fault you're not happy."
  • "Can't you just..."

    • Not sure this is a jerk thing to say, but it's certainly short-sighted.
  • "You should..."

    • Also not necessarily jerk-like, but may be underinformed and thereby pompous.
  • "I would have just..."

    • "I have absolutely no respect for your response to that particular situation, but I'm egotistical enough to believe that my way would have been better no matter what, despite the fact that I really have no reason to think I would have responded any differently under the same circumstances."
  • "Get a real OS"

    • "I know noting about your situation, and I either don't care to learn about the real bases of your problem, or feel intellectually threatened because I can't come up with a quick answer that makes me look good, so I'll demean you by pretending it's objectively stupid to be using the software you are using."
  • "white knight"

  • "virtue signaling"

    • Used to shame or silence someone for trying to be a good example.
  • "Let's just agree to disagree"

    • "I don't want to learn anything from your perspective, and I don't want to substantiate my own claims, so I'm ending further discussion now."
  • "You do you"

    • "I think you're full of shit but I'm going to pretend to be nice about it."

Random idea scraps

Some things that people say can be well-meaning, or they can be passive-aggressive.

  • "I haven't got time for this now."
    • May be completely accurate, or may be a "go away, you're bothering me", depending on tone.