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I have implemented a configurable parameter exempt_pod for allowing the user of the policy to specify that POD should not be evaluated. This is a first shot, I would love to be able to do this on two levels so I could differentiate keywords matching actual part of POD and casual comments in POD, but this would require a POD parser. This first implementation can be regarded as a starting point for further exploration of the problem area.

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jonasbn added some commits Jan 14, 2014
@jonasbn jonasbn First shot at implementation of pod exemption.
Pondering whether we need different configuration options for keywords
in and part of pod. The ability to distinguish might prove useful later

Tests fail now so I am one happy camper
@jonasbn jonasbn Now with a working policy and all tests pass. It would however be
nice with a test, testing the actual exemption, since all we can
observe now is that previous behaviour (default?) is working
@jonasbn jonasbn Added test of actual exemption 7ae879c
@jonasbn jonasbn Added POD on the configurable parameter f304510

I'm not understanding the use case here. Is your goal to be able to say "XXX" and "README" are OK in POD but in inline comments?

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