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DBI, and its DBD children, like DBD::SQLite

LWP stands for "libwww-perl", and is the standard way of talking to web pages.

WWW::Mechanize is a superset of LWP that makes HTML processing easier.

Use Date::Manip, Date::Calc or DateTime. All have different styles and different capabilities.

Use Getopt::Long.

Use CGI.

Whatever you do, don't use regular expressions. Use HTML::Parser or one of the many classes that uses it. Look around on

If you're parsing HTML so that you can extract links or images from a web page, use WWW::Mechanize which handles it for you.

See the list of Recommended XML Modules at the Perl 5 wiki.

Use Term::ANSIColor. Example wanted.

Use Term::ReadKey ( It's a standard core module.

    use Term::ReadKey;

    my $passwd;
    my $pwcheck;

    print 'password: ';
    chomp($passwd = <STDIN>);
    print "\n";

    print 'verify: ';
    chomp($pwcheck = <STDIN>);
    print "\n";

    print "You entered [$passwd] and [$pwcheck]\n";
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