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These are short installation instructions. They contain what needs to be done
in order to install and play around with the codebase.
- Install a webserver (apache, lighttpd, etc.).
- Create the "build" folder for the "crank" script.
- Make sure that the "href" path defined in ""'s javascript matches
where your CGI folder will be. It assumes it well be in "/cgi-bin".
- Make sure that the path for the captcha pictures hardcoded in
"tt/" is good for you.
- If you need to adjust the path in "", recompile the templates
using the following command:
$ jemplate --compile tt/ tt/ > static/js/jmpls.js
(you must have Jemplate installed)
- Run the crank script.
- Copy the built HTML files in your "build" folder into the document root of
your Perl101.
- Copy the "static" folder to the same document root.
- Copy over the and into the appropriate CGI folder
(usually this would be "cgi-bin")
- Make sure the paths for $data_folder in both files reflects where you want
to keep the captchas. I would recommend writing a full path.
- Change the $recipient to your email address in "".
(you can comment off the entire Email::Stuff part to avoid emails entirely)
Written by Sawyer X (2009)