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Vanilla perl no longer exists.

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@@ -19,15 +19,15 @@ You will need a compiler, a shell, and some system libraries. Perl's
C<Configure> script will tell you if you're missing something.
If you're on Windows, you may not have a compiler to use. Look
-onward to Vanilla, Strawberry and ActiveState.
+onward to Strawberry or ActiveState.
-=head2 Windows Perl: Vanilla/Strawberry
+=head2 Windows Perl: Strawberry
-Vanilla and Strawberry Perl are two Windows Perl distributions that
-come with a compiler and enough of an environment to get Perl compiling
-and running on that platform.
+Strawberry Perl is a Windows Perl distribution that
+comes with a CPAN client, a working compiler and a lot of modules
+already pre-installed.
Unless you have a very specific need, you want the Strawberry Perl

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