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Updated referenced websites.

Perlcast has not had a new perlcast in years, is on
undef status for a long time as well.
And I think s/community and s/websites overlap each other, but I did
not want to take the decision to merge these pages.
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@@ -88,18 +88,12 @@ The Perl user groups around the world. Helped out The Perl Foundation.
-=head2 use.perl
-=item * L<>
+=item * L:<>
-=item * Slash-based site where Perl people keep journals. Front page publishes Perl news of the day.
+=item * Perl users blogging about perl
-=head2 Perlcast
-Perlcast is a podcast for the Perl community created by Josh McAdams.
@@ -7,7 +7,3 @@ Buzz blog reports on news in the community. CPAN Watch documents
noteworthy CPAN uploads. Project Hum tells about what's happening
in projects around the community.
-The other big Perl news site, L<>.

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