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Mapping contributors to Github IDs

Some of the contributors to this repository used different, local
email addresses linked to their commits.
I added a .mailmap file which matches these to their actual
Github IDs so their contributions are linked appropriately.
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commit d16cb56fe33f75b537b75b878ecf3b4c72f81b9e 1 parent 62fad52
@mbeijen mbeijen authored
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5 .mailmap
@@ -0,0 +1,5 @@
+Sawyer X <> sawyer <sawyer@eggplant.(none)>
+Sawyer X <> sawyer <sawyer@potato.(none)>
+Miss Ferret <> Miss Ferret <missferret@potato.(none)>
+Rich Bowen <> Rich Bowen <rbowen@Rocinante.local>
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