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Alex Martelli, Google
An anti-pattern write-up should include;
* Root causes (why did it seem a good idea at the time?)
* effects (why it's actually a bad idea)
* interactions (how it helps or hurts other patterns)
* remedies (suggestions for fixes)
API design anteipatterns
* Worst issue: no API
* 2nd-worst API design issue: no design
* Too many APIs spoil the broth
* "fear of commitment": to design -> to choose
* Inconsistency in APIs
* Extremes: No balance between concerns
* what languages to support?
* excessive language dependence or independence
* what about standard protocols/formats?
* debugging, error messages, documentation
* Check stackoverflow
* most common questions
* spidering and scraping websites
* Simulating keystroke & mouse gestures
* Some of these questions are about system testing
* Most of them are about "missing APIs"
* The APIs may not actually be there,
* Or they may be undocumented
Why "no API" is bad
* They're going to scrape if you don't
* Makes your users' lives miserable
Offer an API
* Should be easy: You ARE in their shoes
* Even a simple, weak one is better than none
* Document it or at least consider examples, which may be easier than text to programmers
* Keep docs tested
* Examples can be tested and should be
Follow the path of least resistance:
* Use doctest for the "my only docs are examples" crowd
The accidental API
* An interface that was never actually designed as such
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